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20+ humpback whales and 3,000+ dolphins too.

2015 07-17 SB Channel

Captain Dave and his renowned crew successfully watched 20 humpback whales (with more in the distance) and a heart-thumping 3,000+ long-beaked common dolphins. It was a mill pond flat glass day with epic sea conditions from start to finish. A great visit to the Painted Cave and the west end of Santa Cruz Island put the icing on the cake.

Although there was no surface lunge feeding like we saw yesterday, the #whales were actively moving around a series of small hot spots that we used like stepping stones to move across the Santa Barbara Channel today. As they were moving around, several made close passes by the Condor Express and thrilled the whale fans on board.  Each stone had its entourage of #dolphins.

It was another great summer day for cetaceans!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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