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3 Humpbacks and 1,000+ dolphins

2015 05-29 SB Channel

We departed Santa Barbara at 800am this morning and Captain Dave ran southeast in the direction of the Anacapa Arch. Around 915am we located our humpback whales of the day close to Platform Gilda.  There were three #whales in the area, two large and one small. About 500 long-beaked common dolphins were also on the scene along with a moderate amount of sooty shearwaters and brown pelicans. Fifteen minutes later we drove past two interacting common murres sitting on the glassy ocean surface.

From this region we set a track for The Ledge where we had #dolphins, humpbacks and blue whales yesterday. At 1000am we were around 3 miles north of Pedro Point and located a second pod of 500 or so common dolphins.   Although we attempted to push west to yesterday’s location, the oncoming swells made the ride a slight bit uncomfortable so we changed course and headed more to the north and the Harbor.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

PS   Don’t forget we leave at 800am again on Sunday.

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