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8 blue whales were closely watched today.

2017 08-29 SB Channel

Captain Dave and his crew dealt with “interesting” sea conditions today and still located the giant blue whale feeding grounds.  In total, 8 blue whales were closely watched today.

The “interesting” sea conditions happen pretty often in the Santa Barbara Channel and are characterized by very calm seas with little to no wind in the northern Channel (near the harbor and out 5 or so miles).  Offshore there is a wind line and, as if somebody flipped a switch, the whole southern Channel (including the shipping lanes and islands) is breezy with a choppy surface.

Chop or no chop, Dave knew where he was going and there were plenty of giant blue whales to be seen.  The whales were spread out over the northbound shipping land and the 1-mile separation zone.  Their dives were not synchronous, so we always had a few whales up within visual range (and a few down below the surface hunting krill schools).  It was very sunny, the water was blue, and this makes the giant blue whales “glow” when they are just beneath the surface.  In fact, their mottled gray skin takes on a bright, light blue color and is thought to be the inspiration for their common name.

On the way home Dave slowed down at the oil rigs and gave his informed discourse about their history, production and distribution…always a crowd-pleaser.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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