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A break in the storms and a morning session with a gray whale.

2023 02-28 SB Coast Captain Devin and his crew left the dock at 9 o'clock. Sea conditions were OK except for a large amount of floating debris in the coastal waters from things that washed out of the creeks and streams due to the recent rains. (I want to went eye to eye with a live rattlesnake in the surf zone years ago after a rainstorm). Total sightings for the day included one pacific gray whale. Outside the harbor entrance one gray whale was spotted, but we only had a quick glimpse and we're unable to find it again. The boat then moved south to the oil rigs off Summerland. Here we found less flotsam and located a second gray whale. It was far more cooperative. We watched from a safe distance as it went through several breathing cycles. It was a wonderful whale and showed its flukes on every dive.

You never know what mother nature has in store.

Bob Perry

Condor Express, and

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