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A short-and-sweet private charter sees a southbound group of 5 gray whales

Image: a group of southbound gray whales near Santa Cruz Island


2024 01-27 SB Channel


Just like yesterday, conditions were ideal in the Channel today. Seas were calm. Skies were blue, and sightings were enhanced by the supreme water clarity. The hills and mountains on both sides of the Channel are wonderfully green. We spent quality time with a group of 5 southbound gray whales (see today’s photo for an example), and has a quick look at 1 Minke whale.


Today’s trip was a private charter that left after 12 noon and spent a bit more than 2 hours in the Channel. Captain Dave floored it to the eastern half of beautiful Santa Cruz Island. When the Condor Express was north of Potato Harbor, we encountered a group of adult grays. There was a bit of rolling around and sideways swimming with short and shallow dives. A magical sighting of a nice pod of gray whales.


On the way home we had a single, fleeting look at a Minke Whale.


You never know what Mother Nature has in store,


Bob Perry,


Condor Express and 

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