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A spectacular look at our Santa Barbara Channel cetaceans.

2017 06-27 SB Channel

Late breaking news:  10 humpback whales and at least 1,500 long-beaked common dolphins were seen today.  This was the third day of strong breezy conditions with surface chop and white caps. Captain Dave was optimistic about improvement tomorrow.  Despite the conditions, Dave and his crew were able to put together a spectacular look at our Santa Barbara Channel cetaceans.

There were small pods of dolphins, perhaps 50 individuals in each, as the Condor Express headed south to find wildlife.  We were in the teeth of the breeze, on the edge of The Lanes, when the group came into focus.  There were 10 humpback whales that came close to the boat, and more spouts all around that we could not visit and still get back to the Harbor at a decent time.  As we saw yesterday, when the dolphins moved, the whales followed.

All of the cetaceans were busy feeding subsurface.  Tail flukes were common. Dive times were short.  Surface times were moderately long.  Things were good out there in the wind and waves.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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