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Another day, another giant blue whale, and 2 kinds of dolphins!

2020 06-15 SB Channel

Although you’d never guess we only ran a single noon trip for 2.5 hours by looking at our sightings, it was indeed a short trip full of action. Sightings included: 1 giant blue whale, 100 offshore bottlenose dolphins and 1200 long-beaked common dolphins. In addition, there were numerous flocks of 100 or so sooty shearwaters around, a sighting of 2 black storm petrels and 8 Mylar balloons were salvaged from the ocean surface.

On our way out on a southwesterly course, heading for the general area where we had whales yesterday afternoon, we stopped along the way to watch a small pod of common dolphins, a large pod of offshore bottlenose dolphins, and we stopped twice to pick up 8 horrible Mylar balloons.

The common dolphins were found feeding and moving quickly (to find more food?). Of course, they took time to surf our bow, side and stern waves. The larger species, the offshore bottlenose dolphins, were very boat friendly today and numerous juveniles were spotted in the pod.

Not long after the bottlenose encounter, our sharp-eyed captain Colton saw a “tall spout” several miles out. This was another giant blue whale and located much closer to shore than our encounter yesterday. The beast alternated between 2-breath short surface intervals and a few 5-breath longer ones. Great looks were had by all.

On the trip back to the harbor we encountered several additional small pods of common dolphins and a sighting of 2 possible black storm petrels.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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