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Another fine day on the water with minke whales and humpback whales.

The path taken on our adventure today.

Captain Mat reports that sea conditions were again very very calm and glassy as he ran the Condor Express to the east once again in search of cetaceans. There was a bit of fog and overcast, but the ocean was fantastic. Despite fog, the crew spotted two nice humpback whales and at least three minke whales amidst the dolphins and seabirds. One of the humpback whales was the same individual we’ve been seeing for the past week, and it know for its unusual behavior of opening its mouth mid-air, exposing its beautiful baleen for all to see, then slamming its mouth shut again. It is a behavior unique to this whale in our experience. At least 700 common dolphins were watched as well.

best regards Bob Perry Condor Express Odd Jobs

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