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Another Flat, Calm, Sunny Day in Paradise !

Another Flat, Calm, Sunny Day in Paradise !

Ideal sea and weather conditions again permeated the Santa Barbara Channel, eastern region.  Most of this trip was spent around Henry.  There were long beaked common dolphins around the neighborhood all day long.  The first humpback  #whale of the four we watched closely (there were at least 2 additional spouts in the distance), was Top Notch.  TN came alongside and showed off in the clear water again for a full body view….rostrum to tail flukes.  Another small whale was next on the sightings report.  Lots of dolphins, sea birds and sea lions in and around the hot spots.  About a mile east of Henry we went over to visit with the calf “with-white-on-both-sides” of its pectorals, and its mother.  These two are always fun to see, and the calf did get pestered by some California sea lions and reacted a few times by rolling, waving its white pectorals, and other things that would send chills down the furry brown backs of the pinnipeds.  All in all it was another flat, calm, and sunny day in paradise.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express Biologist and Photographer

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