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Another gray whale mother and calf!

2018 04-11 SB Coast

Only a noon trip left Santa Barbara Harbor today. Sea conditions were doable and there was no wind. Total sightings consisted of four gray whales, but two were gray whale mother and calf!

Captain Dave and his crew headed west up the coast and the first sighting was about 3/4-mile off Leadbetter Beach. Here we located a pair of gray whales on their northbound migration. We followed them up to More Mesa.

On the way back to the harbor we ran along the inshore kelp bed where we located a mother gray whale and her very young calf. The little calf spy hopped, rolled around and did a bit of resting in the middle of the kelp forest. What a great sight to see!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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