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Baleen Whale “Hat Trick”

Baleen Whale “Hat Trick”

The Condor Express pulled off a “Hat Trick” today by located and observing one humpback whale, one Minke whale, and one blue whale.  At least 500 long beaked common dolphins were around us in several large pods distributed throughout the Santa Barbara Channel.   What a fine fine day to look for cetaceans near #SantaBarbara today.  The ocean was flat and glassy, the sun was warm and bright and the ocean was crystal clear and blue.  It was, in short, drop dead gorgeous out there.  After running east to the line of oil platforms off Carpinteria, we found a very nice humpback whale that came around the boat and was not shy at all.  Next, we headed south towards Santa Cruz Island when CINC Naturalist Kevin Bailey spotted a full grown giant blue whale near the commercial shipping lanes.  It moved around in circles and was not too long on the down times, everyone was in awe upon seeing this magnificent beast shining so blue under the clear waters.  A better than average encounter with a Minke whale also happened, meaning we had 6 or 7 nice looks at this elusive and slinky baleen Mysticete.  The day was capped off by a nice tour of the eastern end of Santa Cruz Island.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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