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Blue whale, humpbacks and dolphins

2020 10-25 SB Channel

Captain Colton and his crew found a mix of sunny patches and high stratus clouds covering the zone as we’ve experienced all week. The sea surface had a light chop due to a breeze that came up overnight. Sightings remain phenomenal with 5 humpback whales, 1 blue whale and 2000 long-beaked common dolphins.

As we moved beyond the mid-Channel a single humpback was seen at a distance repeatedly throwing its massive tail. It was the same humpback we reported earlier that had half of its tail missing. Apparently this loss does not slow down the whale’s behavioral repertoire. Moving south about a mile we watched a single humpback that soon moved close to a pair…all this surrounded by dolphins, of course. Near The Lanes and off the western end of Santa Cruz Island a single humpback was seen just prior to a giant blue whale surfacing. The giant surfaced only once and was gone from view due to choppy sea conditions.

Dolphins were around all day and especially with the humpbacks.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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