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Blue whales a-plenty, a fin whale, common and bottlenose dolphins…then we got mugged by a humpback!

Image: a friendly humpback whale mugs the Condor Express.

2024 06-30 SB Channel 

Captain Eddy and the crew reported wonderful conditions and spectacular whale watching today. There was a high overcast layer that kept things moderately cool. A light breeze and a 2 foot swell rounded-out the sea conditions. As a bonus, sightings were enhanced by the spectacular water clarity. Totals for closely-watched animals today included: 10 giant blue whales, 1 fin whale, 150 common dolphins, 20 offshore bottlenose dolphins, and 1 humpback whale that stole the show.

Just south of the Kelp Farm, the only common dolphin pod of the day located the Condor Express and came over to visit. Some chose to ride our bow, side, and stern waves. Always amazing to see.

The whales had moved east a bit from yesterday. Eddy at least 20 giant blue whales plus other species were in the area. We closely watched 10 of the blues. Also in the area was a large, semi-friendly, fin whale. It swam down the side of the boat very slowly exposing its characteristic white lower right jaw.  Some of the blue whales made close passes, and there were a few very nice tail flutes as well.

Just before it was time to leave for home, the showstopper today was an extremely friendly humpback whale that mugged us for a half an hour. (See today’s photograph for an example)… Just when you thought things could not get any better!

On the way home, we crossed paths with 20 offshore bottlenose dolphins. Although there wasn’t any high-flying or other aerial antics today, many of the bottlenose dolphins were very friendly.

One of our on board resident experts, Mark, also spotted a fur seal today in The Channel.

Thanks, Mark.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry

Condor Express, and

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Not sure about the resident expert or the fur seal, but thanks. Let's say what Mark thought was a fur seal... 😋

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