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blue whales again plus humpback and dolphins too

2017 06-06 SB Channel

Captain Dave ran another wild and crazy trip across the midriff region of the Santa Barbara Channel.  Along the way he encountered 1 humpback whale, 300 long-beaked common dolphins and 4 blue whales.  Conditions were calm but skies had that June/stratus for which our coastal waters have become infamous.  Don’t fret.  This weather pattern should break any day now.

Three miles out from Santa Barbara Harbor that same hot feeding spot was active and full of dolphins, sea lions and sea birds.  The dolphins found the Condor Express quickly and did not leave except to grab the unsuspecting northern anchovy.

The trip to Santa Rosa Island was uneventful, except south of The Lanes a lone humpback whale came up, came over to the boat, and did not leave us alone for at least 20 minutes.  It was a nice “mugging.”  It even swam under the boat in clear water a few times to show off its skills.

Closer to the Island the giant blue whales were moving around a bit and diving a bit deeper/longer for their krill.  Surface intervals were still nice and one whale in particular was a great tail fluker.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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