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Breath-taking conditions and amazing sightings

Image: Two adult humpback whales lunge-feed together in coordination.

2023 05-11 SB Coast

A single 10a to 230p expedition explored the local waters. It was sunny and bright in the Channel (convective clouds still capped the Santa Ynez range). To start the day winds were relatively calm. As we moved west and the day progressed, we got into a mild breeze with small whitecaps. A short-interval wind chop from yesterday’s strong winds kept everyone their toes. Sightings: 12 humpback whales.

1030am - The first whale was spotted and showed its tail flukes frequently.

1120am – A 20-min episode of pectoral fin-slapping by a single adult 6 miles off UCSB was encountered. Another whale was seen in the distance.

1205pm – Another adult mugged us 4 times, and paused for a brief pec-slap.

1245pm – Three single whales came together to form a tight trio…not far from the Condor Express.

120pm – Just a bit west of the NOAA East Channel Buoy, a single whale breached, and we watched a pair of whales.

150pm – Showtime. A pair of lunge-feeding whales worked a couple of anchovy hot spots. Then the two did a massive vertical lunge together pretty close to the boat. (See today’s photograph).

More spouts were around us as we headed home.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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