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Cetacean abundance and diversity continues…

Cetacean abundance and diversity continues…

It’s been a long week with well-needed rain that brought winds and seas to the Channel.  Today was pristine, flat and very lake-like.   Near mid-Channel a single (but friendly) humpback whale was encountered, and it made a great close approach to the Condor Express.  Continuing across towards Santa Cruz Island the mother lode of cetaceans that we  had a week ago, before the storms, was still there.  One blue whale and at least 8 humpback whales were watched closely prior to our traditional visit to the world famous Painted Cave.  The Cave waterfall was running and this is always a marvelous experience that has been so rare this past year or so with the drought.   Good to see.  Upon exiting the cave and moving a bit northward, we found humpbacks interacting with about 25 Risso’s dolphins.   The big #whales were flopping around, and rolling over in response to the bulbous headed dolphins.   Amazing stuff.  The final piece of great news was that long beaked common dolphins were around all day long, with a few very large pods….at least 1,000 #dolphins was the total estimate.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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