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Dall's porpoise, lots of humpbacks, thousands of dolphins...on moderately rough seas

Image: Dall’s Porpoise


2023 12-09 SB Channel


Typically, when gale warnings are hoisted for Santa Ana winds, the actual maritime effects are across the Ventura to Malibu coast and their offshore waters. It was unexpectedly windy and bumpy to the west, in our area of the Channel today, but somehow Captain Dave and the crew put together some epic sightings: 10+ humpback whales, 1800 long-beaked common dolphins, 8 Dall’s porpoise and 200 California sea lions.


Just about all the sightings were south of the NOAA East Channel Buoy (Station 46053). In addition to the nearly 2000 dolphins actively feeding at this location, at least 20 humpback whales were present, too.  Given the whitecaps and otherwise bumpy seas, we closely watched 10 whales, but spouts were visible all around the zone. A couple hundred sea lions were also feeding here with the whales and dolphins.


Several whales came by the Condor Express, mostly coincidentally, and gave extra good looks. A bit of kelping took place, along with several nice tail throws. If you didn’t mind holding tight to the railings, the show was spectacular.


As a bonus, on the slow trek home we came across a pod of high-speed, black and white torpedoes…Dall’s porpoise (see today’s photo for an example). We were just 5 miles south of Goleta Bay at the time.


Bob PerryCondor Express, and

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10 de dez. de 2023
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Dall's porpoises are the epitome of power and speed in a small muscular package (7 feet/ 400+ pounds). Their forward slanted dorsal fin projects an impressive rooster tail as they speed through the water. Special sighting of these deep water denizens and an impressive number of Humpbacks!

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