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Dolphins and gray whales

2018 05-09 SB Coast

Sightings today included: 400 long-beaked common dolphins and 2 gray whales.  These were closely watched cetaceans observed during a single noon to 230pm excursion.

After leaving Santa Barbara Harbor and moving about 1 mile offshore, a large, spread-out pod of dolphins were intercepted on a massive feeding hot spot.  Birds were diving everywhere and dolphins were hunting upside-down all around the boat.

Out next stop was near UCSB Campus Point where an additional mass of dolphins were found moving east.  We followed along with these dolphins as they led us to a mother gray whale and her young calf.  We were near the Yacht Club and Leadbedder Beach at the time.  The pair were having a lot of fun in the kelp beds and did a lot of rolling around and exposing their flukes.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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