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Dolphins and whales are languid

2015 11-18 SB Channel

All the mammals were languid on this summer-like day in the Santa Barbara Channel. We watched 2 different pods of common dolphins, one just outside the Harbor and another much later in the trip, with a total of at least 125 animals. Both pods were logging and milling around on the glassy surface and could be seen clearly in the good visibility of the green-blue offshore water. No dolphin was in a rush.

We also had a close and friendly visit from a small Minke whale, and it moved alongside the Condor Express at a calm speed…no particular rush…and gave us great looks at its two surface intervals.

Captain Dave also steered us into the humpback whale zone which deckhand “ojos del águila” Auggie located through the binoculars. (How does he do it day after day?) There were at least 7 humpback whales today, in groups of two and some swimming solo. All the whales were moving at a slow and steady pace to the east, and there were no tricks or antics in their behavioral repertoire today. One migrated alongside the boat for a while and gave exceptional, but languid, looks.

It was a very relaxing excursion with calm seas, bright sun and fantastic above-water vistas.  You could see from Bony ridge to the west end of Santa Rosa Island.  The crew were spotting spouts 6 miles or so in the distance, thanks to our friend Dr. Mark for pointing us in the right direction !  The Condor Team was at work again.  Relaxed dolphins, relaxed whales and very relaxed whale watchers too.  Who could ask for more?   Tomorrow promises to be very similar in terms of weather and ocean conditions, and we hope to see you on board !

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry

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