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Epic bottlenose dolphin sightings and lots more !!

Epic bottlenose dolphin sighting

A gorgeous, crisp, sunny and cool winter trip on the Condor Express took everyone on a great adventure today. Starting off in the southwestern Santa Barbara Channel, we watched one of our local favorite humpback whales that we call “Hook” because its dorsal fin looks like a can opener. Hook was diving shallow with short down times and showing great flukes on every cycle. After a while we trended more to the southeast where we enjoyed at least 500 common dolphins riding alongside, playing on the bow, surfing the wake, and doing what these intelligent rascals like to do around the Condor Express. Finally, Captain Dave decided to hug the coast and take the “scenic tour” home to Santa Barbara Harbor. Here the sharp eyes of deckhand Mason spotted a big pod of inshore bottlenose dolphins. There were at least 25 of this big dolphins riding all the boat had to offer, and when we got close, everyone on board gasped! In the mix, there were 7 or 8 very tiny juvenile dolphins that were among the smallest and newest born bottlenose we’ve ever seen. It was a magical ending to an amazing adventure.

The weather and sea conditions are forecast to become better and better for the weekend. I’ll be out there on Saturday and hope you can join the fun. Happy Holidays

Bob Perry Condor Express

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