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Extremely friendly humpback, two fin whales and dolphins galore

2018 05-24 SB Channel

A high, thin stratus layer persisted all day but seas were very calm and lateral visibility for sighting wildlife was excellent.  Sightings today included:  200 long-beaked common dolphins, 2 fin whales and 1 humpback whale…but that is not the whole story.

About 3 miles south of Santa Barbara Harbor a nice herd of dolphins located the Condor Express and rode our stern, side and bow waves.  After some great looks, Captain Dave and his crew continued on a southerly course towards beautiful Santa Cruz Island.

Near the southbound shipping lanes a mother fin whale and her calf were located.  What a nice encounter we had as two generations of this huge cetacean were in close proximity to our whale lovers.

After the fin whale encounter Dave took the boat into the first chamber of the world-famous Painted Cave near the western end of the island.  He also presented his summary of the biology, paleontology, ecology and current status of this, the largest of all eight southern California islands.

Not far from the Cave, a very large humpback whale came to the boat and mugged us.  It was within a few feet of the boat and whale lovers could look right down on this knobby-headed beast.  It also swam slowly under the bow of the boat as part of its interaction with the humans.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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