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Fin whales and blue whales and dolphins STILL !

2018 06-15 SB Channel

Skies were covered by a thin stratus layer, and a light breeze wafted across the Santa Barbara Channel, but the now-famous giant whale hot spot was located again today.  Closely watched animal totals included:  4+ blue whales, 1+ fin whale, 400 long-beaked common dolphins, and 25+ California sea lions. Once again the (+) sign next to the numbers tell that there were many more in the area but not closely watched.  Sea birds included brown pelicans, sooty shearwaters, phalaropes, gulls and cormorants.

About 1 mile south of the entrance to Santa Barbara Harbor, and just outside the two buoys that were festooned with sea lions, a nice group of about 200 dolphins located the Condor Express.  This group appeared to be migrating or re-locating, but many still found riding the bow, side and stern waves of the boat irresistible.  In the same area we saw a nice gang of California sea lions that were actively “porpoising.”

The giant whale sightings were in The Lanes and found a bit more to the west today.  Our first whales were blues, followed by some very close looks at a somewhat friendly fin whale.  We saw numerous tall spouts at all points of the compass.  We moved a bit further west and found more blue whales.

On the way home and not far from Santa Barbara Harbor, another herd of a couple hundred dolphins found the boat and interacted with us.  Great looks were had by all.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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