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Fin whales steal the show

2018 01-05 SB Channel – Although seas were very smooth and glassy, there was dense fog all day.  The “good” spots might have had as much as ¼ mile visibility, yet somehow Captain Eric and his crew, with a little help from their friends, had an amazing day.  Sightings included closely watching: 6 fin whales, 150 long-beaked common dolphins and 10 Dall’s porpoise.

Using radar to navigate, Eric headed for the west end of beautiful Santa Cruz Island.  Just outside Santa Barbara Harbor about 100 dolphins located the Condor Express.  The dolphins rode our bow, stern and side wake, keeping their fans engaged.

Before reaching The Lanes, our pal Sophie spotted a highly mobile single fin whale moving in a straight line to the east.  The whale was all business.  Upon reaching The Lanes, another 5 highly active whales were located.  These fin whales were seen rolling around with each other.  They also came very close to the boat and passed slowly underneath our dual hulls in water so clear everyone could watch.

On the way home a pod of 10 Dall’s porpoise found us.  They rode along with the boat when we were going fast and generally lost interest when we slowed down.  It was a high-speed sighting.  Later, more dolphins were watched.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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