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First Gray Whales of the Season and more !!

What an epic day in the Channel, perfect weatheR and the first gray whales heading south.

The adventurous Condor Express went to Santa Cruz Island. All the way across the Santa Barbara Channel we had common dolphins keeping us company. Once at the Island, we paid a visit to the beautiful painted cave. After exiting the cave we were greeted by a huge pod of 100 or more Risso’s dolphins, several were doing acrobatic tricks. After our time with the Risso’s dolphins, we encountered many more pods of common dolphins, all in crystal clear blue water. There were at least 1000 common dolphins in total.

Next, we crossed the Santa Cruz Channel (between the islands of Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa) is search of southbound Gray whales. It was off Carrington Point at Santa Rosa that we located our first two southbound gray whales of the season. One of the Grays promptly breached for us

What a show, what a great day!

Bob Perry Condor Express as it was told to me by Captain Dave

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