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First northbound gray whale calf AND two wonderful humpbacks, too.

Image: Gray whale mother and her calf near Santa Barbara.

2023 04-12 SB Coast

Dave and the crew ran two trips today, a 9am cruise ship charter trip and a regular 12n public whale watch. Sightings were good: 2 humpbacks and 2 gray whales.

The morning excursion had thick fog to contend with as we headed southeast past Platform Habitat. We first spotted a single humpback whale because it was doing a series of rambunctious tail-throws making itself visible even in the fog. After it settled down a bit a second humpback joined it and they travelled together with short, 4 min, down times.

Noon took us along the coast to the west and the morning fog had lifted to a high stratus layer. A pair of northbound migrating gray whales were located and we followed at a safe distance up to Goleta Bay. It was a mother gray with her calf…our first northbound calf of the season. We should see many more such pairs in the near future and into the month of May. The calf today did a bit of rolling around.

You never know what mother nature has in store.

Bob Perry

Condor Express, and

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