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Four large fin whales and lots of dolphins

2018 04-28 SB Coast

The day started off nice, but during the mid-morning a fresh breeze kicked up.  This did not deter our Captain Dave and his able crew from finding and closely watching three different species of cetaceans.  Two trips left the docks, one at 9am, the other at noon.  Totals for the day included: 4 large fin whales, 10 inshore bottlenose dolphins, and 250 long-beaked common dolphins.

Not far from Santa Barbara Harbor on the morning trip, a nice pod of bottlenose dolphins located the Condor Express.  The water has become very clear and blue, which enhanced the viewing of these amazing animals.  After a nice encounter, Dave continued west.  Just southeast of Platform Holly, past UCSB, a pair of fin whales came into view, and then a second pair.  Great looks were had.

At noon, with winds from the northwest, Dave took an easterly heading.  Near Carpinteria, a wide swath of ocean was populated by small subgroups of actively feeding common dolphins. Totals for the area were estimated at 250.  Seabirds were abundant and feeding on the dolphin by-catch.  Lots of  upside-down dolphins were seen zooming after northern anchovies.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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