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Glassy seas and a nice trip inside the Painted Cave; good humpbacks and dolphins, too.

Image: Condor passengers enjoy the world-famous Painted Cave

2023 07-11 SB Channel

We had dense fog until we reached The Lanes where it lifted and gave us about a mile lateral visibility. Captain Devin and the crew traversed The Channel today and sightings were good: 1200 long-beaked common dolphins and 5 humpback whales.

Small to medium sized dolphin pods were around us all day, particularly in the southern side of The Channel. Among the whales and seabirds, we first saw 3 individual whales slowly migrating on the surface. Some nice tail flukes were seen.

Next, Captain Devin took us on a narrated tour along the northern face of Santa Cruz Island including the world-famous Painted Cave. (See today’s photo). Conditions were nice inside the first chamber…a wonderful National Park moment!

After The Cave, we found 2 more whales. They were very large adults, also in transit mode. We watched, had good looks, and headed home

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry

Condor Express, and

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