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Good conditions and...we got mugged.

Image: a humpback mugs the Condor Express


2024 04-01 SB Channel


We ran two trips today one at 9 AM the other at 12 noon. Both trips had clear blue skies with not much wind. There was a residual 4 foot swell from the storm that went Sunday. But all in all the weather was beautiful. Sightings today included: 1 gray whale, 5 humpback whales, and 100 long beaked common dolphins.


The first sighting of the day took place during the morning trip when we were near Campus Point. We watched a single gray whale, an adult. It was SOUTHbound! We circled around later in the trip and found two adult humpback whales just outside the kelp farm.


We didn't travel far on the noon trip when we encountered 3 humpback whales about 5 miles off the Mesa. The three were extremely friendly. They mugged the Condor Express for quite a while. We saw a bit of logging in between muggings. Everybody came away with great whalefies. 


After leaving the humpbacks we ran east and found a small birdnado with 200 long-beaked common dolphins


You never know what Mother Nature has in store.


Bob Perry

Condor Express, and

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