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Good sea condtions for watching a gray whale and lots of dolphins.

Image: A gray whale is shown spouting in the Santa Barbara Channel


2023 12-27 SB Channel


Captain Dave reports calm seas, no wind and clear water in The Channel today. The cloudy skies parted to bright sun about 15 minutes out from our home trip to the harbor.  Sightings included: 1 gray whale and 1500 long-beaked common dolphins.


Five miles south of Goleta about 500 dolphins located the Condor Express and spent some quality time watching their fans on board. We’d find a larger group of nearline 1000 later, out in The Lanes.


Having circled back to the east, and near Platform Habitat, we found and watched a solo, southbound gray whale. At one point it did a bit of rolling around…always fun to see. We wished this traveler a save trip.


Bob PerryCondor Express, and

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