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gray whales, bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins too

2017 04-09 SB Coast

Captain Eric at his crew ran two trips today one at 9 AM and the other at 12 noon. Totals for the day included: two gray whales, seven bottlenose dolphins, and 550 long-beaked common dolphins. There was a little bit of a swell but not a problem of any kind.

9 AM. A cow calf gray whale pair was encountered right away off Leadbetter Beach. The little calf swam into the kelp and back out again several times as they often do. We watched them as they migrated up the coast and finally pulled away at Lighthouse Point. Off Hendry’s Beach, seven bottlenose dolphins came up to the boat, road the bow and kept their eyes on the passengers. Soon the same gray whale cow-calf pair came by and the dolphins interacted with the whales. We continued searching up the coast as far as Campus Point then we headed outside and found 50 common dolphins.

12 noon. Captain Eric ran straight out to the dolphin zone where the little cetaceans were actively feeding on anchovies alongside California sea lions and lots of seabirds. From here we continued west as far as UCSB and then turned around and came home.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store Bob Perry Condor Express

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