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Gray whales, dolphins and a special treat

2016 03-22 SB Channel

We ran a single excursion at 9am with high winds and moderate chop.  2 gray whales and 10 Pacific white-sided dolphins were watched closely.  As we returned to Santa Barbara Harbor around 1130 am the winds died down and the seas calmed down a bit.

The gray whales were found off the old lighthouse, and despite the chop and wind, Captain Dave was able to carefully maneuver the Condor Express and follow these two whale as they migrated slowly up the coast.  After the whale encounter Dave put the seas behind and headed east to make the ride a bit more calm.  To the east he found a small anchovy hot spot with Pacific white-sided dolphins and sea lions feeding.

As this was a trip full of young students, the Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol did a few circles around the boat with lights flashing and shooting water through the fire hose.  The combination of whales and rescue boats made it a very memorable trip for the kids.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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