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High noon: 2 surface feeding humpbacks and an amazing blue shark!

2021 05-04 SB Channel

A single 2½ hour excursion departed SEA Landing in Santa Barbara at high noon. A hazy, warm sun was amplified by the mirror glass ocean surface and enhanced all the mammal (and fish) sightings. We closely watched: 2 Humpback whales, 1 blue shark and 17 Pacific harbor seals (in the harbor, naturally).

Captain Dave and his crew searched the waters offshore and found a pair of large adult whales about 10 miles out. Their gentle milling about had everyone mesmerized until, suddenly the two beasts broke the surface with a series of massive surface feeding events. It was a spine-tingling affair.

A bit later, as Dave cruised across the mirror ocean, the keen eyes of our deckhand, Kelly, spotted an in-coming blue shark. It was a tiny specimen, perhaps only 2 feet long, and Dave described it as the most stunning and vibrant cobalt blue he’d ever seen in this species. Perhaps the young have more brilliant colors? The little one swam around and stayed on the surface for a long time so everyone got great looks.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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