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Humpback and Dolphin Masses

Captain Dave and the crew of the Condor Express ran into their first large feeding aggregation of #whales and #dolphins out past the oil rigs.  Here they closely watched 4 – 6 humpback whales as they dove to feed below the surface.   At least 1000 long-beaked common dolphins were also actively feeding in the area.   Humpback tail flukes were numerous.

On we went to the world-famous Painted Cave and a tour of the sea cliffs and little coves at Santa Cruz Island.  Included in this tour was a beach near Cueva Valdez which has been loaded up with harbor seals and California sea lions lately.   A bald eagle was seen perched on a low tree branch.

On the way home our route passed through the same humpback hot spot, and several more whales  had joined the festivities, bringing the total seen for the day up to nine.  More dolphins too brought their numbers up to at least 2000 for the day.  Just as we were slowly leaving the area, two of the larger humpbacks vertically lunged for mouths full of anchovies, very close to the boat.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

PS the little waterfall at the Painted Cave is still trickling down.

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