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Humpback whale bodysurfs big swells

Humpback whale bodysurfs big swells

The water has been very clear outside this week.  The keen eyes of Captain Eric located the first of our 3 humpback whales about 5 miles offshore.  There was very little wind, no chop or whitecaps, and sunny skies.  But the winds to the west have been blowing hard for the past week and this had generated some nice open ocean swells.  Sure enough the aggregations of common dolphins that seemed to be everywhere also produced humpbacks.  And this first beast was out there running east ahead of the big west swells and actually surfing them.  It was spectacular to see the whole body of the whale riding the big clear blue waves accompanied by #dolphins.  Eric estimates at least 3,000 common dolphins were observed on the trip today.  The second and third humpback were also moving east as if the whales were taking the easy route, not bucking up against the swell.  Anchovy schools were just below the surface and the whales, dolphins, sooty shearwaters and elegant terns were all happy.

You never know what Mother Nature will reveal. Bob Perry Condor Express

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