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Humpback Whales “Fall Asleep” Under the Condor Express

Whales “Fall Asleep” Under the Condor Express

There were four humpback whales out on the feeding grounds of the northeast Santa Barbara Channel today. Two of them consisted of our mascot, Rope, and her pal. You may recall that they have been exceedingly friendly to the boat these past few weeks. Today was no exception, and they came over to the boat for a friendly introduction and to give all the private charter passengers on the trip today a big thrill. However there was a new “trick” added to the repertoire today: Rope and her buddy dove down about 10 feet below the Condor Express and stayed there motionless for a relatively long time: 8 to 10 minutes. Nobody has seen that happen before, at least our very informal survey seemed to indicate. It was certainly a great sight to see in the clear water with fabulous sunny skies and mirror glass sea conditions. Wow.

There were also five or six Minke whales in the area, just as we saw on yesterday’s trip…and approximately 400 or so common dolphins milled around all day as we slowly watched the large cetaceans.

Best regards Bob Perry Condor Express

PS. Our schedule is back on track starting tomorrow, Monday, with our usual 10am departure time. Get your tickets now before we sell out. These amazing whale behaviors have been off the charts.

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