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Humpback whales lunge feed close up and personal

Many of you loyal readers are no doubt getting tired of hearing me say that it was yet another gorgeous, flat, calm and ideal whale watching day in the Santa Barbara Channel today. But it was. This past month or so has brought us more drop dead days that I can ever recall making our Fall whale watching the best that it gets. Today we watched 2 separate pairs (total = 4) humpback whales lunge feed on the surface. The anchovy schools were abundant again, but as they sought shelter in the shade of the Condor Express, the whales were not fooled. Our lucky crew and guests got to witness this surface lunge feeding very close indeed. Although we did not immediately recognize the 4 humpbacks today, most of the Channel humpbacks have been around the Condor Express for almost a decade and they are pretty used to the boat. Of course not having props or rudders or any running gear in the way of whales and dolphins really pays off.

Also in the mix were several Minke whales, also seen feeding, and approximately 700 common dolphins.

Tomorrow there are no open public trips, but we are open again on Saturday.

Sure hope to see you out there! Tell ’em Bob sent you.

Bob Perry Condor Express

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