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Humpbacks a-plenty

Image: a humpback breach close to the Condor Express.

2023 04-24 SB Coast

Captain Devin and the crew ran two trips today, 9a and 12n. Skies were sunny and winds were minimal. Sightings were phenomenal: 23 humpback whales.

On the morning cruise, three individual humpbacks were found 3 – 4 miles off Shoreline Park. There was not a lot of action as the whales were logging, but we had very good looks.

By the time the noon trip returned to the area, Captain Devin reports “15 – 20” humpbacks were now in the zone. There were many large adults in the group, and good tail flukes were seen. Breaching, pec slapping, and tail-throwing were also watched. Finally, near the end of our time, there was a full breach by and adult very close to the Condor Express. Wow!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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