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Humpbacks and Dolphins on a Fine Day

Tail flukes of a humpback whale as seen today in the southeastern Channel.

Humpbacks and Dolphins on a Fine Day

We ran southeast riding the swells from the wind blowing way out to the west end of the Santa Barbara Channel.  Before long Captains Dave and Eric had located a big whale and a smaller whale.  I know this sounds like yesterday’s report, but these were two different and seemingly unrelated humpbacks.   They had fairly long to medium down times and came up next to the boat a couple of times and thrilled the whale watchers on the Condor Express.  What a magnificent sight…sunny, warm breezes, clear water and a whale a few dozen yards away.  Great stuff.  Long beaked common dolphins were, again, all around, all day….perhaps as many as 2,000 or more total.   And there was another humpback a few miles to the northeast of our location but we did not get that far.  California sea lions cavorted here and there, and there were several very large flocks of black vented shearwaters sitting on the water en masse.  This is certainly a prime ticket for escaping the mainland and any woes you may have.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

This and all previous blog posts can be viewed online at  httpss:// I’ll post up the photos later this weekend…I’m still working on yesterday’s pics !

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