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Humpbacks are returning to the Channel

image: numerous friendly humpback whales visit the Condor Express

2023 04-07 SB Coast

Although there was a moderate bump on the water from winds afar, skies were blue and the local wind held back until after 130p. Sightings included 7 humpback whales and 1 unidentified shark (unseen by many). Captain Dave and the crew ran a 9a and 12n trip.

In the morning we found humpbacks about 8 miles south of Goleta, near The Lanes. There was two groups of 2 adult whales. The first group had very short surface times but the second group was easier to watch. Judging from their behavior and the numerous seabirds around, we inferred the whales were feeding subsurface.

On the noon adventure we went back to the same general area and re-located two of the morning humpbacks plus a third adult that was somewhat smaller. The trio was fun to watch and Captain Dave noted that the individual whales left the surface and surfaced in the same order, throughout all the dives watched. Cool to observe!

In the same general area a small, 4-foot unidentified shark was seen briefly but sounded and was not seen by many passengers.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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