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Krill near the surface, active whales and plenty of dolphins.

2018 09-13 Western Channel

Captain Dave and his crew took the Condor Express and its wildlife lovers on a trip up the coast to explore the area near Gaviota for whales and dolphins.  Totals for the day include: 4 humpback whales and 2500 long-beaked common dolphins.  Krill was also seen near the surface in the vicinity of the whales.

Up past Platform Holly the ocean was covered with dolphins.  It was a gorgeous sunny day with calm seas and the dolphins located the Condor Express.  They proceeded to ride our bow, side and stern waves as we all got exceptional looks.

Dave then moved southeast to the NOAA mid-Channel buoy where 4 whales were seen.  One whale breached a little ways from the boat as we came into the area.  Another whale, one we’ve been seeing that has white on its tail and pectoral fins, was very vocal and rolled on its side quite a bit.

We did not see surface feeding on the krill, so our hypothesis was that these crustaceans must extend down into the water column where the humpbacks were having lunch.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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