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Last whale watching cruise until Nov 21

Last whale watching cruise until Nov 21

Today was our last whale watching cruise until Wed. Nov. 21, as we will be hauling out and in the boat yard for annual maintenance and inspections. But, boy oh boy, what a whale watching cruise we had today. It was a bright, clear and sunny day with visibilities so great you could see from Point Conception to Point Mugu, and all of the Channel Islands. The amount of detail on both the islands and mainland were spectacular. The water was clear and blue, and most of the day was mill pond flat and glassy. It was so hot, we were in t-shirts all day and you had to re-apply your sunscreen just to be sure you were protected. On top of these glorious conditions the wildlife today was amazing. We closely watched at least 5 humpback whales (none of which was our pal “Rope”), and we saw a few other spouts a mile or so to the east. The dolphin show was non-stop, and several of the herds were quite large. This was a wonderful day for photography, both the big whales and the little “whales” were framed by the mirror ocean surface and gorgeous sun. I’ll post up the photos from the day later this week. It was a wonderful way to end the month of October and a great send-off for the Condor Express as it heads to the boat yard.

Whale Watching Report for Sunday, October 28, 2012 5 humpback whales (more in the area) 3 minke whales (more in the area) 2,000 long beaked common dolphins sea lions

Bob Perry Condor Express

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