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Light rain, morning dolphins and afternoon whales.

Image: The ship’s track for both trips today. (Marine


2024 02-17 SB Channel


The skies were partly cloudy and there were a few episodes of light rain. Seas were flat and had a rippled surface. Two trips were run today, 9 am and 12 noon. Total sightings for the day included 800 long-beaked common dolphins and 3 humpback whales.


As shown in the illustration above, the morning trip explored the eastern coastal waters where we found a large area with dolphins spread out among feeding seabirds and a couple of birdnados.


The noon trip went further out, near The Lanes and surveyed the western waters. After making this western loop, three whales were located south of the Kelp Farm. A single adult was watched and then, about 2 miles away, we found a pair. The pair consisted of a large adult and a smaller sub-adult. The larger whale had a rather unique and damaged tail fluke that showed orca rakes and old, healed scars. The pair were friendly with the Condor Express and great looks were had by all.


You never know what Mother Nature has in store,


Bob Perry,


Condor Express and 

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Feb 18
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Really nice day!

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