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Lively humpback whales

2016 06-13 SB Channel

Wise ol’ Captain Eric sniffed-out every cetacean, large and small, within our search range today.  Seas were moderately calm and a light breeze picked up as the excursion ran along.  Totals for the day were very good:  500 long-beaked common dolphins, 3 giant blue whales with many more in the area, 4 humpback whales with more all around in binocular range, and a handful of black and white bullets, aka Dall’s porpoise.

All the dolphins were stretched along a line about 1 mile south of Santa Barbara Harbor.  They came to the boat for a meet-and-greet session as they always do.  Moving out to the 50-fathom line, Eric located 2 humpback whales (and more all around).  One of the humpback whales was a member of the Giant Kelp Bashing Club, and did not miss a single drifting paddy to smash with its long pectoral flippers.

Continuing out to The Lanes, more blue whales and humpbacks were abundant.  One of the blue whales kept surfacing close to the Condor Express and this gave its fan club excellent opportunities to take “whale-fees.”  A fleeting visit by a handful of Dall’s porpoise also occurred here, and was so fast that many on board may have missed it.  That’s how Dall’s are sometimes.

On the way home, not far from the harbor entrance, another humpback whale was observed because it was throwing its tail around and making a big commotion.   What a day for lively humpback whales.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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