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Magical Minke whales AM and loads of humpack whales PM

2016 04-07 SB Channel

A thin cloud layer that preceded a small warm storm coming in from Mexico kept the skies grey but bright enough for whale spotting and photography.  There was a very slight breeze on the morning trip and it was mirror glass on the afternoon adventure.  The water has gotten blue and clear in most of the areas around The Flats where we went today.  A summary follows.

9 am The Vikings marched through the parking lot and took over the boat a little after 9 am.   It was a long voyage for these particular Vikings who came, not from Minnesota, but from Santa Monica.   The group was rewarded for their efforts by a magical encounter with two Minke whales that travelled all around the Condor Express together for over 40 minutes.  This behavior included several passes very close to the boat.  They were by far the 2 most friendly Minke whales I’ve seen in years.  A small group of around 20 long-beaked common dolphins also joined the fun.

12 noon The noon trip was open to the public and we ran back east southeast (EXSE) so by 1245 pm we located a pair of humpback whales east of Hogan.  These two were heading west behind the rig line, and had 5 – 8 minute down times.  A single Minke whale patrolled the area.  We saw a collection of tall spouts further east of our location and upon arrival we were able to closely watch 4 humpback whale, and there were probably more in the vicinity.  The 4 humpback whales were working an area that was over-run by a nice group of 500 or so short-beaked common dolphins, and there were lots of tail flukes photo ops to be had by all.  Many of the dolphins, particularly along the leading edge, were high flyers, and a bunch of others were tail slapping and causing a big commotion.   Just outside the harbor entrance on the way home we spotted two small groups of Pacific white-sided dolphins, totaling about 10 animals.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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