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Mammal Activity Bonanza!

2022 10-08 SB Channel

The good news: no ground-level fog today! …only a high, gray stratus layer. Sightings were plentiful: 6+ humpback whales, 3000 long-beaked common dolphins, 75 offshore bottlenose dolphins, and 200 California sea lions.

Not too far outbound from SB Harbor we spent some magical moment with a good-sized pod of offshore bottlenose dolphins. They were both friendly and animated, which often happens. Numerous calves were in this pod. Captain Dave then moved southwest to The Lanes.

A giant breach several miles from the Condor Express, and picked-up by the sharp-eyed binocular-enhanced crew, led us to a pair of adult humpback whales. As we approached, another breach took place. The pair separated and we ended up watching one off the port side and the other starboard. The port side whale did a few tail-throws.

In the separation zone between The Lanes we found a honey hole full of marine mammals all moving eastbound. A mother humpback and here calf were first to greet us. The calf mimicked adult behavior with some energetic tail throws of its own. Lots of common dolphins were present here. Soon we encountered two additional, single humpbacks. One of them breached. Two more were seen in the near distance but we ran out of time.

On the way home several dolphin and bird hot spots were passed slowly. California sea lions were scattered throughout the activity zones all day today.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry

Condor Express, and

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