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Mom and Baby Blue, and where were YOU ??

Greetings Saltyfolk,

I know you are as tired as I am hearing about all the great conditions and whale sightings.  We work for a living and cannot drop everything and run out on the Condor Express every time things heat up.  But I have to confess, once in a while I take a “mental health” day.  I was just talking to my friend Eric about this subject.  By the way, if you were ever looking for mental health using calm seas and great whales, just take a look at today's contribution to the fantastic run of good fortune we have had ever since the gale winds of Memorial Day subsided:

10 Knobby Headed Beasts (Humpback Whales) 8 Long, Lean Flat Headed Beasts (Blue Whales)

And today, included in the Blue Whale count, yes….it is true….a great look at a mother and her calf Blue Whale.  The “miracle of life.”

Get on the phone, use your email, tweet the boss…YOU ARE ONE SICK PUPPY DOG WHALE LOVER !! 

Believe it!

Bob (sick-o) Perry Condor Express

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