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Moveable Whale Watching Feast

Whale Watching Report

There was a moderate chop running through the Channel all day today for the whale watching trips, and the sun was bright…the skies clear and blue. The ol Condor ran out to the feeding grounds and did not disappoint our guests. For several days now there have been balls of very small, young northern anchovies being chased down by common dolphins and humpback whales. Today we had a vast area of common dolphins and it was impossible to count them all. Suffice it to say there were many many thousands of animals that had come to the dinner table. Approximately 5 humpbacks were there too, feeding below the surface. The region was thick with sooty shearwaters and other sea birds.

After a couple of hours we ran to the east and found another, small but still robust region of dolphin activity along with another humpback.

At one point, early in the trip, a humpback that was moving forward at a pretty decent speed lifted its head, then the entire front half of its torso out of the water, as if simulating the leaping dolphins. It was not a breach per se, nor was it a simple chin slap….but it was very impressive. There were a few other breaches off in the distance that we saw out of the corner of our eyes.

So the food is spread out and there is a nice line up of whales to enjoy as we move from one hot spot to another.

Best regards, Bob Perry

PS I’ll have the photos from today ready this weekend.

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