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Nice Cetacean Diversity today !

2015 08-23 SB Channel

Another nice day in the Santa Barbara Channel as Captain Eric located some serious humpback whale tonnage and other cetacean goodies. Right out of the Harbor there was a large pod of 20 or more inshore bottlenose dolphins cruising along the beach. This was a very playful pod and spent a good amount of time riding ahead, alongside and behind the Condor Express.   Moving offshore, and after following some solo #whales, Eric reports that the solo whales came together nicely on a hot spot.

The hot spot consisted of 5 humpbacks (more spouts in the distance), at least 500 long-beaked common dolphins, sea lions, shearwaters and a Minke whale with good surface times. Again that Santa Barbara cobalt water clarity enhanced the near-boat sightings. Later in the trip the Condor visited the west end of Santa Cruz Island and went in for a look around the world-famous Painted Cave.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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