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Our pal “Rope” the Humpback Stirs up the Water

Our pal “Rope” the Humpback Stirs up the Water

Nice ocean conditions again and Captain Eric steered a course for the same hot spot we found yesterday in the eastern Santa Barbara Channel.  Again we had 5 humpback whales, may of which made some nice friendly passes by the Condor Express.   Rope was there again today and entertained her fan club with a few massive tail throws that sent the water flying in all directions.  Very dramatic stuff.   At least 500 long beaked common dolphins were mixed in with the #whales throughout the zone, and it was a magnificent day for cetaceans.   Later a light breeze picked up but we were heading back to #SantaBarbara by that time.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry (writing from deep Sacramento)

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