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Pregnant Gray Whale heads for Home

2015 12-13 SB Channel

It was do-able conditions as we pulled out of Santa Barbara Harbor this morning with a cheerful load of happy whale watchers. One passenger was so happy she did not stop screaming with joy every time we went over a wave, saw a Heermann’s gull, ran with the common dolphins, and (naturally) had great looks at a southbound gray whale.

Captain Eric ran out to the 50-fathom curve and turned the Condor Express downhill to the east. After a while ojos del águila Auggie located a small pod of 100 or so long-beaked common dolphins and we had fun watching them for a while. There were a lot of calves in the pod. About an hour later Captain Eric spotted a spout. It was a very large, rotund southbound gray whale. Often the pregnant females are among the first to head south, having carried their calves for nearly one year. We guessed this was a pregnant female.   She gave us great looks and had a regular 3-minute down time on her way back home to Baja California.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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